“We all do better, when we all read better” “Todos Mejoramos cuando Leemos”

Read, read and read; educate yourself is the only way that you can make your dreams come true!

The comfort zone is the worst place where you can live, go ahead with the first step, remember that: “the first step does not get you, where you want to go, but if you get out of where you are”

Lee, lee y lee; educarse a si mismo es el unico camino que puede hacerte realidad tus sueños!

La zona de comfort es el peor lugar donde puedes vivir, da el primer paso para cambiar el curso de tu vida, y recuerda que: “el primer paso no te lleva a donde quieres ir, pero si te saca de donde estas”


Exercises to Train your Subconscious to Success

Before, to go to bed, is a good time to exercise your mind;

Have a deep breath and relax, and visualize where you want to be, visualize for the next day, who you want to see or who do you want to talk, watch yourself or your business already succesfull because, thats the only way to reach it, you must seen yourself already as a winner; if you have a business, behave as a manager, dress as a business man, eat as a business person, go to places that talk about business, you got the idea?, do it!